Absolutes: you vs. them

Expression of Success, justice in the ink

Absolute Justice,

Conveyed by the truth being known.

The pros and cons of believing you are 100% right with no exceptions?

Pros within yourself

  • Respect you demand from others
  • Holding firm in your faith
  • Knowing your value as a human

Cons within yourself

  • Close minded, disconnected
  • Emotionally detached
  • Lack of growth personal or business

It does not have to be us vs them

Fact is: All two people are not the same. Outside of your norm and different view points you will encounter every day. Therefore; Looking at all points before your argument could grant you knowledge to prove your point or it may even prove theirs. Knowledge is power. By looking at different topics it may encourage you to consider all areas when finding your absolute truth.

  • Culture
  • Gender
  • Emotional State
  • Age groups
  • Organizations
  • Religions
  • Profession
  • Economic standing

EQUAlity is a winner all the time

Make sure you understand all the facts and know deep within yourself that you are Absolutely right. Sometimes losing can be the true win when it allows knowledge to be gained. Enhance your life as you move through each day. Selling others short in turn only hurts you both in the long run.

Aspire for the truth that it may inspire justice within.


The Nature of a Bee


3 Rolls leading the colony to success

  1. Queen: lays 2,000 or more eggs a day
  2. Workers: female bees pollinating and collecting food for the hive
  3. Drones: male bees that stay in the hive to protect and reproduce with the queen

A hive has the ability to reach 20,000 or greater but one fact never changes. There is only one Queen. The Queen has a lifespan of three to five years, by going underground every fall. While Worker Bees and Drones numbers can climb with the Worker Bee’s number greater, neither of their life cycles are not, living an average of only 28 days. This brings an understanding to why the queen always in a forward thinking motion must lay so many eggs a day to remain a success.

SO, Why do so many of our School Teachers tell us to aspire to be like Bees in our own lives?

BECAUSE. The measured results of just 1 hive can a test to the hard work of The Queen, and Her colony that is taught by thousands. Together they can in fact produce a:

High rate of goal completions. Higher resolution for the target when reached. Lasting achievement in the world beyond themselves.

Therefore; to be a Bee is to learn, then actively do, that they may be an expression of success.

Bee a success

What makes a Bee a Success?

  • Knowing how constant communication with one another is vital
  • 11,400 times a minute they move their wings in forward motion
  • They work in the day time, using the sun as navigation, never to sleep
  • Consintraight 3 miles around the hive to not waste the food source they are returning
  • Return everyday to feed the rest of their colony as well as communicate their findings
  • The help keep a healthy ecosystem for the World
  • Pollinate 95% of all food produced for Human consumption
  • 1/3 of our diet is due to their hard work


When sharing a message it is better to give it with honey rather than being bitter. A Bee’s work is to pollinate the planet that humans may benefit. A humans work is to Bee Kind to bees, as well as each other.

CALL TO ACTION: BEE JUSTICE WITHIN your 3 mile radius by Living in such a way as:

  • Peaceful towards all living beings
  • Fair in all your doings
  • Mindful of the reaction your action will have
  • Honesty in all your words
  • Building Trust within all your relationships
  • That your morals lead to equality for all
  • The values you hold may be seen in your actions

Justice in the honey, when we plant flowers that are blue, yellow or purple. These are the three colors they see best.

Sited Work


Coaching with results you can justify

Expressions of Success

leadership that bridges generations

To some baseball is life, to others it is a child’s past time. Using the lessons given to us in our youth in our business today has the opportunity to lead along with other business strategies to lower rates and grant higher returns.

js, education Within

Today’s world of training and leadership

Well when I was younger back in my day we… How well are training sessions that start with the speaker using loaded words and offering little hope for a younger generation’s success? While networking and in my co-working home I asked around. The results where pretty much the same just stated differently each time. To sum them up best, Jennifer said, “Give me what you know, train me if needed, express your expectations of me. Then allow me the chance to do the job I was hired for.”

As A Result A Boss that Coaches has the ability to translate there team member’s personal communication both within a none-verbal and/or verbal stance. By doing so they are allowing an understand of the staff that work for them a chance to build a company that is sure to be a success; placing each team member in the best job that they self-loved enough to establish as a team.


  • Know the strengths and weakness of your team
  • Communicate to all the team, that they know the main goal
  • Communicate on a personal level that each members understand their part and how it will help reach the larger goal
  • Keep a record of each team member.
  • Never to reward one person without rewarding the whole team. Save the larger personal rewards for the end of the season
  • Know the call and call it, if something needs to change, call TIME OUT and change it
  • BE the positive glue that is needed, and the fighter when we know the wrong call was made.
  • Review the tapes with the team as a whole allowing everyone to hear and learn from the highs and the lows.
  • Growing together will only make the season a success.

TRAIN for everything that could go wrong that it may empower you for the days when nothing does, and grant courage as well as wisdom on the days you need to slide home.”


Justice in the Ink wishing you’ll a great season

The 3 leading ways to guide the company’s team. How do you manage as a manager,

Author: js. Written July 202I

the company allows the style of management to be put into place. Which style often leads to different measurements of success. all areas of the business need to be observed to measure the success, however; self reflection will enable you and your team to remain within the levels of positive results.

3 Leading Styles are:

LEADer, boss, coach
The three together and the affect over all productivity is a postive force of action  

As a leader there are expectation that are put into place to lead the company to meet their goals. here are some questions to assist the type of management

  • How much information does your staff have about the company?
  • Would sharing your goals and vision improve their actions leading to the goals being met?
  • How soon do you tell your staff about the work they are needing to accomplish vs how long have you known about it. Preparation is key on any level.
  • Have you or the company done proper training for each job placement?
  • Does your staff respect you because you are friends or because you are a strong leader and run the company and team well?
  • How open are you when a new team member joins the staff?
  • Do you talk about staff with staff?
  • If there is a chain of command is it known and is it kept by employees?
  • How does the staff contact you?
  • Do you review each employee and if you are friends how do you justify the review?
  • How many staff do you check on daily?
  • How many need to watched and lead?

Correcting your staff like a child, only proves your incompetence to be a manager; as you are the one that hired them

Leading a correction team will only insure a lack of motivation and question to arise.

Knowing your stress points as a manager will allow you to have the proper reaction with your staff and customers.

What is a boss? It is the person in charge of a group or team of people that must ask permission before doing any action other than what was originally stated.

5 affects of being a boss
Emotional: the unknown of the day leads to stress and feelings generated towards other people that the matters are not with.
Physical: A lack of food and sleep result in decreased energy. MAking the day unbalanced
Mental: when you spend the day callulating everyone else process you spend little time meeting your own goals
Spiritual: Lack of faith in people may be a branch from a bigger tree.
Finance: By bossing and micro managing are you making a profit? If not then what is needed?

Suggest a list for the team to create and build on their strengths. By having them admit their wrongs you will create a positive conversation of development of company knowledge.

“I” statements are used when expressing stress points and what you personally and realistically can do to create a peaceful environment.

Do not waste time trying to control others

What is a leader? The person that sees items and products and insures improvement all while rallying the staff to move toward the company goals. A leader motivates while also being empathic. (learning the office terms defined)

5 affects of being a leader
Closing generational gap: when you learn how to motivate and also excel those with experience in the same field and team is a collaboration of personalities all working toward the same goals.
Satisfaction with in the environment: The staff feel safe, okay within the company walls, as well as the customers.
Respect is established and reciprocated: the loyalty of customer and staff is the result of a successful team. It is not without trials but it can be obtained.
Measured performance increase: solve problems faster than those that need to seek to verbal or written permission.
Communication is able to be shared and received: a direct communication line is the guild for completement of goals within the set time frame.

Suggest to your team; Sharing an Employees view of what training is needed to insure the maxim success is met.

“True leaders do not create followers they create more leaders”

What are you creating
What is a coach? The one that is able to see each team members strength and weakness. A coach is a motivating leader that pushes you to be the best you can be all while maintaining the numbers and growth of the company.

Facts applied: The thrid base coach knows all the players. Signals the plays needed for the game as it is happening. All while one is making revision for the team as a whole on a moment to moment notice. Being a coach requires quick feet.

5 affects of being a coach
knowledge: The information for goals and their plans are distributed, taught, practiced, reviewed and brought to the table for action. A coach insures that everyone knows the information and are placed within the teams to have the greatest success.
Trust: A connection is made on a personal level with each member of the staff. A coach will understand and know the points of strength and weakness. Therefore; the crew trust the judgement and placement of assignment.
Integrity: When you are established as being a trustworthy person word of mouth tends to increase sales. Coaches raise the profit as well as staff productivity.
Raise the standards: improved product and improved customer relations
Positive work environment: Having the knowledge, trusting the person it came from and meeting the goals of higher standards; A positive response.

Suggestions for management , See if a manager can name three personal facts of a staff member. Coaching is to know your team on a personal level as it is used to strengthen your company.

When a manager has been selected it is a call to do a great work; aspire within that you may inspire others.

  1. empower your staff
  2. tell the truth in all things
  3. environments allow success to prosper

4 ways to promote a healthy reaction to the reality we can not control


A bad day tends to lead to over thinking. Wondering if it was the conditions, circumstance, staff or simply yourself that created the day? Self reflection enables you to process the day. When we measure daily success it enables us recalculate or celebrate the appropriate action.

success found in Daily Reflection

Stress is a reality of adulthood. How one reacts to the stress will determine the satisfaction of that reality.

“Different views show different pictures”

Quote Unknown

1.) Know your stress points

Stress points are high level of emotions that disable your activities. Knowledge of these points and the source will help bring a understanding to the levels of stress. When the pin point is regonieved, of the first stress point, action now has a starting location. the snowball effect if you will can then be reduced.

Questions to ask yourself
  • Is the stress created by me, unrealistic expectation, lack of knowledge or preperation
  • Unresolved forgiveness within a relationship, personal or work related
  • The lack of physical or emotional needs being met
  • Hunger or thirst
  • Are you Worried, unable to focus on anything other
  • Anxiety or Depression
  • Life changes such as the death of human or animal, a break up in relationships or upset in the family circle
  • The Bad News Calls: results from a test, or call from land owner, friend.

With each question how would one react is the universe they will create. Positive actions or positive understanding of each process within the events will lend the strength to no longer allow stress point to affect other people or places it does not pertain to.

2.) Feed your body the proper nutrition

Nutrition is how food affects the body. By eating the right foods for the body at the rights times will maintain a healthy body. This is different for each human, however we are similar so you may look to other blogs for healthy food intake. When one takes care of the body it is less likely to cause an upset in the day to day activities.

Questions to ask yourself
  • Do I start my day off with breakfast
  • What type of day does my food consist of
  • What is my water intake
  • Am I able to use the restroom regularly
  • Do I need to visit with a doctor
  • Will packing my own food help me through my day
  • Does alcohol affect my proper food
  • How often do I move throughout day, work out, walk, or take the stairs

By changing a few of these at a time an increase of energy may help decrease the stress. Anger may be caused by lack of food. When one listens to the body through hunger or pain then taking the proper action allows the body to be relaxed; leading to the mind being at ease.

3.) Increase the level of knowledge

Knowledge is a great tool but when it not given or taken it may lead to a job or activity becoming harder to accomplish. Understanding how the knowledge was missed leads to finding a solution in obtaining it.

Questions to ask yourself
  • Is the lack of knowledge established by yourself
  • Was it the company or a personal oversight
  • What steps are needed to gain the knowledge
  • Is the knowledge one that you need to teach or instill
  • Do you need help and if so who and how do you ask the proper the channels
  • Self reflection may be needed for time to allow proper judgement into which action is needed
  • Seek advice, do research

The way you obtain knowledge is to seek it out. Funny how we have to learn how to learn. Often times this process makes a stronger when it is done ourselves because the reward is all ours. One may have to encounter new stress to relieve the stress on multiple levels.

4.)Creative thinking for daily encounters

  • Creative thinking of the employees or the coffee maker at the corner location
  • Are you a target for some unsaid reason
  • Do you need to soften your people skills
  • Is culture a topic
  • Home life of yourself and others
  • Age difference

Knowledge on a personal level with people as well as our personal communication skills can enhance the positive level in which information is received and given.

Creative thinking, Observation of daily living, Finding the Middle Ground, and Refreshing the Start to your day.

Finding the truth as to why the stress is there, will light the path to change it. Taking that path is up to you.

To give love we must first love ourselves.
 One area of stress often becomes two.

Be kind. Be humble. Be just. Be the person that changes your world one street at a time.


Justice within the lines can be found on social media lines. A community awaits those seeking justice and success. Find your support team and change the world one action at a time.

BEE Kind, Expression of Success

Author: js



BEE compassionate.

BEE forgiving.

BEE the change.



The act of, state of being, friendly, considerate, generous. The act of showing respect towards all. Webster
  • Considerate. To be considerate you are putting your own needs and desires aside that you can meet the needs of another. It is to be selfless.
  • Generous. To give more of something (time or money) that is not expected or required of you. To freely act on art of giving without the personal desire of a return.
  • Friendly. Is the act of demonstrating compassion.

Lead With actions such as:

  • Say Please
  • Say excuse me,
  • May I,
  • Thank you
  • Offer help
  • Mr and Mrs,
  • Allow older, those with child and/or those in need of assistant go before you, give them a place to set as well
  • Respect all race
  • Respect couples no matter their makeup
  • Education allows educated talk
  • Smile, from your heart (mean it)

Mr. O, what is his name has been teaching kindness between Neighbors, and placing our feet in the pool with others.


BEE KIND…–and Pollinate the world!

Keep the buzz alive. Aspire to love that it may inspires peace and justice.

justice in the ink

How could you impact the community you lived in? Share your thoughts and stories below.

Highest form of respect is that of my own marriage, Expression of Success

Respect when no one is looking is respect in the RAW

0 loss of quality & 0 alterations

What is the true respect? A marriage true quality is maintaining respect when no one is holding the marriage accountable. This blog well share key points I have learned to insure a healthy & respectful marriage.

Key Points: Mutual Respected Marriage

  • Communication
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Actively listening
  • Organization
  • Balance of physical desires

Importance in how we communicate:

  • Calm Assertive tones
  • Submissive to desires
  • Humble yourself that opinions may be shared
  • Listen to hear, not to respond
  • Trust, their words as the truth.
  • Adhere to the needs/desires within a conscience time frame

The Following was created and written by js the author of this blog, no sharing rights are given. CopyRight 2020

When A Respectful Gardener’s Communicates

“When a Respectful Gardener’s Communicates”

  • Blossom Conversation– having a conversation that enables the other person to give you feed back and advice as they see the situation
  • Watering Conversation– one person has the ability to share how they feel about a topic without a rebuttal
  • Planting Conversation-both of you equally have the ability to share ideas, both in negative and positive views within the subject”
if your sentence starts with: Should of, Could of, Would of, then you have unrealistic expectations that you have placed on someone or something, resulting in disappointment that we have set into motion BY own assumptions.

Keeping conversations within the marriage is a demonstration of respect. Coming to a joint understanding on how knowledge is acquired will allow a firm foundation in which it is received.

REspect is an action whether it is positive or negative is up to each one of us.

Asking advice for a marriage is tricky:

  • Best friend- May side with you and or hold resentments
  • Coworkers –Unsafe feed back due to lack of shared knowledge
  • Family members – Bringing them into the marriage may have negative lasting effects.

Professional help is always best. Seek one voice for advise rather than many.


Negative Results ( When Disrespect comes into the relationship) : Communication breaks down. When we begin to let other people influence our relationship. Our opinion or assumption may lead towards discord. This is a good stopping point. Return to your spouse and talk with them about the emotions you experienced. Remember all venting is not good venting. Teamwork; may be compromised when we allow outside influences that enable our justification in no longer listening to the needs of said partner. Disrespect is seen when we begin the action of defense of justifying, blame, shift blame, or projecting your own negative behavior on the actions of others . The balance has been lost and soon the balance of the physical needs may be lost or maintained else where.

How we engage in secret will become known to the outside world. Respecting our partner leads to:

  • Respecting our partner leads to inner and outward success
  • Respecting our partner leads to unity
  • Respecting our partner leads to the strength development within our cognitive behavior

Respects builds:

  • Trust
  • Fulfillment of Serenity
  • Satisfaction
  • Self-esteem
  • Open Communication
  • Integrity
  • Aline with Moral Values
  • Physical Desires…. within the marriage.

Above all else, where there is respect there is love, for without respect how can love abide?



What is Newtons Law, The motion of an object and the forces that is set against it. It either remains in continues motion or it remains at rest. We either remain to be positive force showing acts of respect or our relationship is at a stand still with disrespect. We remain the same until a force of change is directly applied.

REMAIN RESPECTFUL as you continue your acts of respect within your marriage, that it may express success in secret.

Respect in Equality, Expression of Success.

Success in Respect Part 2

Author js. May 2021

Equality Defined: Noun. The state in which you are equal in status, rights and opportunities. Equality broken into subtext: racial,gender, rich or poor. It may be set in the tone as an adverb as well. Feeling resulted from the person, place or thing in which equality originated.


Equality is for all; no matter the race, gender among the many others. It is an action and attitude that is respecting of human lives and allowing justice to ring out in us. Where there is love and respect we can find the success of equality. js.

Respect is evident when equality is practiced among us. Equality is verbal as well as a non verbal form of communications. Respecting the morals and laws is a part of equality, that it is in turn able to reach us all. (Respect, my last blog, be sure to click back into the previous blog. It was expressed that when respect is given it builds trust, love and safety.) A respected relationship among equality creates an atmosphere that allows the expression of feelings, thoughts, and goals. That they may be fostered rather than demolished.

Moral Respect vs. Moral Disrespect Morals Respected Brings Equality

Moral respect is the thoughts and feelings that is generated within each person as an independent action. Respect and equality are both a learned behavior. Therefore; It is rushing with the energy. Moral Respect is a branch off of the way we were raised, our personal views and our enter action within our own fraction of the world. Disrespect of the those morals is done by others as well at ourselves.

Described: Morality is within oneself. Moral Respect, honoring your faith not to work on Sunday. When an employer is not honoring it because of a difference in faith, that is a form of Moral Disrespect, as well as Lawful Disrespect our next topic.

Lawful Respect vs Lawful Disrespect Equality is the regulation of the law

Laws as many of us know, were and remain to be created as a social guild line of accountability. Lawful Disrespect is punished when it is required. Laws Respected prevent harm, as well as; protect the rights of people, place and things.

Described: Respecting the law by not harming another living being. However; not all states see the killing of a man in your home so he does not kill you, is accepted. Disrespect for the law is any time we go against the law, respecting the law is to obey even when it does not seem right to you. That is when reform and change lead the way, not disrespect.


change can happen

change can be found



the right to protest is your right

changing a law is worth the energy

when it is given positive energy


Stated in previous blogs; our actions are just that; ours. When we are choosing to blame, shift blame or claim blame as a victim. It is within that moment we start disrespecting based on a moral standards. Any regard when are able or even try to be the control factor of another human being, is when have allowed unrealistic expectation of them and us. Result of these actions do not bid success.

Responsibility, when it is owned for our personal actions. The key is turned…ownership of self love is going to swing the doors of moral respect open.

Equality is knocking, the choice remains yours.

Justice in respect, Expressions of success

2021 Lack of equality was seen and

justice was called, heard around the world.

The lack of equality was seen when Moral Disrespect was called to the attention as the result of the death of a man could not breath for 9 minutes. Reactions where many and they were loud. Some brushed it off others began blaming while others protested change and justice.

Energy was shifted away from the accused and towards all said parties protesting the actions of one man as they marched and called for every city to take action, establishing safe take standards. Anger within crying faces you seen because of that one man was within all the men and women of the years. That we were going to stand up this time, for a long time. That taking a knee made you mad, the protest mad you mad. We are mad too, but not only with the police, we know they have a job. ( SIDE POINT: But I can not get my food order right from the big M if the staff are not trained right.) Reform and education is they only way to bring change… America actions towards positive change must remain ongoing. For the injustice be justified.

it took cops spraying us with mace and yell, “get back”. People starting fires, and for what? What is the point and what is done by disrespect, disrespecting that which they feel is disrespectful. ( moral respect and lawful respect are must )

Protest, a group of humans who carry a broken heart crying at the feet of Lady Liberty, calmness. Calmness changes laws and in the passions of our hearts is the fights, for every soul. (myself) took a stand in silents praying for you, America. That you may rise to be the best you. That men of America rise and be their best. That the women rise, the Them’s, the They’s and those chosen to be Untitled; that we may all rise up and be our best self. Success can be found through respecting our equality of the human race. Justice can be the worlds. As you’ll know, This All American Girl wants world peace. America we can let freedom ring. Through the success of expressing equality. America, world as whole we can be kind, we can have peace. Not everyday not all the time. Striving towards something heals the hurt, remaining in sadness is no way easy but we must move.

Thank you all for reading. Check FB if you like. Justice within the lines. Subscribe. Thank you for allowing me the time to share my heart and knowledge found within the painful tear streaming lines of justice.

Aspire America that you may Inspire World peace

The world starts in your circle. Positive respect within your circle of friends can change a town. Why not you? Why not know?

Aspire for the truth, to inspire justice. That the cry of Floyd’s heard around the world for his mother may bring about new life through many a mothers prayers. Protect the child and raise them up with respect, justice and equality for all. That when our morals differ our love does not.

Respect. Love. Honor the Equality of the Human. You were created for a greater purpose. Find your purpose. I call for you to rise up and start creating actions of peace and joy among the darkness. Mercy may be seen in the injustice. Human disrespect has gone far enough.


Love yourself,

that equality may shine in all the

corners of your soul first.

You are worth it!

Justice in Respect, Expression of Success

Author: js. Posted: May 2021

Respect defined. Noun. To have deep admiration for someone or something. A state of feeling to be courteous, to be considerate. To be a tradition.

Verb. To have self-discipline, to applaud someone or something. To deeply admire someone or something by your own choice. To build trust or a safe place/space.

Respect is a learned behavior.

Respect is the teacher who sits on the desk as they teach, and the student that can not wait to do the same.

forth grade teacher of js, kindest teacher

We all have different ways to define respect. One thing is clear; expressing respect is less visible than disrespect. Disrespect is seen with body language and heard with harsh words.

Keep it Simple. Creating a list of disrespect may be easier to build. When we do the opposite our relationships may blossoms

Since 2021, it appears that negative attitudes and actions are popping up everywhere. We have a choice how we respond to life’s event.

Goals, expressions of success
  • WhAT_IS_DisResPeCT
  • Procrastination
  • Lack of sympathy
  • Harmful word
  • Lateness
  • Constant frustration
  • Lack of call back, emails, or personal response
  • Denial of an action and no remorse of any
  • Negative form of body language
  • Vocal threat of harm or violence
  • Negative jokes or Comments

Time to Dig Deeper?

now that Disrespect is understood

Without respect relationships won’t last

 There are four stages within the lose of respect


The time in which you first meet someone excitement is the fuel building and driving you. Quality time and questions build the relationship to a deeper level. Both parties have a vision what the relationship should be, therefore, the actions are incorporated to bring the vision life between the two set people.


Relationship is still together, however you are having to now try in create ways to be together. The time when connecting no longer seems to be a normal habit. Energy is required to be together, rather than creating energy.


Disconnect is often seen, in passions and goals. The relationship is managing to stay above water. Sometimes one has to let go so that the other may live.


Rather than letting go, there is an overwhelming amount of blaming that deflected. When our words and actions are at a hi level of disrespect. This will continue until one of the parties walks away, or help is sought out to save the relationship. Many times when it has reached this point disillusion is best due to the emotional and physical aspects in relationship. (in my none medical or doctor thoughts)

The above four parts of disrespect, Cited: “Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People.” pg 144. Copy Right 2008. Hachette Book Group Inc. New York NY.

It is time to aspire for truth, that it may inspire justice.

Truth, because of our lack of respect that is growing beyond numbers in the past few years. When blaming everyone and everything for the world in which we live, it is fact; quite the contrary, life is a result of our personal actions. It is in fact case in point that our dilemma and struggles where created by our choice of respect or disrespect. Allow me to explain.

When an event in our life happens, we generate thought about the event. Leading to us generating an emotion and a thought again. We may generate an action, whether the action is positive or negative is up to us. We can choose to feel sorry for yourselves leaving our lives to remain in its currant state. OR we can begin to take actions that will bring about change in our lives. The choice to remain emotional or become active is up to each of us.

As man thinks in his heart, so he is.

Proverbs. 23:7

Choice is yours: RESPECT and make a positive atmosphere for the world in which we live. Or the latter. When we blame others it is a form of DISRESPECT that often takes over our lives.

Remember: It is our duty to seek out the truth of any area, results may bring justice to the truth. Seek the truth in your life that justice may ring in your actions. Respect if no one else, yourself that you may free yourself of discord.

Fact: Disrespect only leads to deep pain and suffering. Self-care is self-love. How can we respect others when we do not even respect ourselves.

  • Respect starts with you. Respect is taught in the home. Practicing respect is an important part of growth.

Return for part two, equality is respect.

Aspire for the truth that you may inspire justice.


Signification in Setting Goals, Expression of Success

Author: js Posted: May 2021

Definition of Signification.

Verb. The importance of regularly conveying your intent.


Goals are set to change what currently is. Goals can be set for employment, education, hobbies, relationships and the duration can vary also. How each person achieves their goals varies in us all.

Key terms when managing goals

  • Consistency, work on them daily
  • Pursuit, an ongoing process
  • Review, each day and amend when needed
  • Obstacles, they will come do not let yourself quit
  • Clarity, your time frame
  • Accountable, sometimes we need a friend to help
  • Encouragement, write yourself notes and place them through out your belongings to be found later. (this is a great help for myself)
  • Never Give Up!

Three R’s to help you Succeed

Review. We may not like football but one thing it has taught us is the importance of a haft time. Reevaluate the game plan you have for your goals. Changing the the play may lead to greater progress. Not all goals are the same and what works for one may not work for another. Therefore; if it is not getting the results you want, change it up. These are your goals, learn and change as you go.

Remain realistic. Stretching for the stars can be a goal but sometimes landing on the moon first can lead to better results. Knowing the level of each goal whether they be short or long term is another key to your success.

Relax and stay positive. You can do what you set out to accomplish.

Consistently doing any action well bring about results. It is up to you whether they are positive or negative.


Short-Term Goal is anything less than a 12 month period. It can be as short as your daily list of to do.

Mid-Term Goals is the 3-5 years. They can be goals that lead up to the long term. Don’t leave mid-term out. Remember the moon before the stars.

Long-Term Goals is something that takes time and planning, 5 years and greater.


Achieve Defined. Verb. Successfully bring about or reach an objective, level, or skill. Through Courage

Google Dictionary

It is time for our haft time report!

Dig a little deeper.

Words from the word meaning defined: idea, hope, a mood, a mind set, serve as, a sign.

Words from the word signification defined: regularly, expressed information, to carry, to make form.


Be Honest. When you created your list of goals did you give them meaning; just an idea or a mood. Or are your goals significant to you; regularly worked on? Did you write your goals down or are they a list still in your mind? (If you did not write them down, please write them down after you are done reading) Sitting in place a system to allow accountability. Work on them daily to insure that your goals do not remain a list in your mind or a list created. Action is needed to bring goals into fruition.

I challenge you to take a look at your goals and chose if you are going to have meaning or significance.

“Realization; the choice of action is yours. The future is yours. Find your truth, so that you are able to justify your life to yourself. How the world sees you is not important! Your goals are yours and if no one knows them no one will know if you failed. However; if you do fail please do not stop trying. You are amazing and you deserve success in all areas of your life. Let justice and peace ring out in your life.”

I encourage you, because I believe every human is worthy of success. js

Justice is a behavior or treatment of respect, fairness and genuine peace with and within people.

aspire for truth to inspire justice

Above all else when you reach your goals celebrate your success, and tell the world. Come back and share with justice in the ink or go to my Facebook page, Justice in the Lines. “I care! I want you to succeed in all matters you find important.” js Remember this, and read the next line out load… I can complete my goals! I am worthy of success! Why not me? Why not now? Yes I can, I can achieve my desires!