Justice in Respect, Expression of Success

Author: js. Posted: May 2021

Respect defined. Noun. To have deep admiration for someone or something. A state of feeling to be courteous, to be considerate. To be a tradition.

Verb. To have self-discipline, to applaud someone or something. To deeply admire someone or something by your own choice. To build trust or a safe place/space.

Respect is a learned behavior.

Respect is the teacher who sits on the desk as they teach, and the student that can not wait to do the same.

forth grade teacher of js, kindest teacher

We all have different ways to define respect. One thing is clear; expressing respect is less visible than disrespect. Disrespect is seen with body language and heard with harsh words.

Keep it Simple. Creating a list of disrespect may be easier to build. When we do the opposite our relationships may blossoms

Since 2021, it appears that negative attitudes and actions are popping up everywhere. We have a choice how we respond to life’s event.

Goals, expressions of success
  • WhAT_IS_DisResPeCT
  • Procrastination
  • Lack of sympathy
  • Harmful word
  • Lateness
  • Constant frustration
  • Lack of call back, emails, or personal response
  • Denial of an action and no remorse of any
  • Negative form of body language
  • Vocal threat of harm or violence
  • Negative jokes or Comments

Time to Dig Deeper?

now that Disrespect is understood

Without respect relationships won’t last

 There are four stages within the lose of respect


The time in which you first meet someone excitement is the fuel building and driving you. Quality time and questions build the relationship to a deeper level. Both parties have a vision what the relationship should be, therefore, the actions are incorporated to bring the vision life between the two set people.


Relationship is still together, however you are having to now try in create ways to be together. The time when connecting no longer seems to be a normal habit. Energy is required to be together, rather than creating energy.


Disconnect is often seen, in passions and goals. The relationship is managing to stay above water. Sometimes one has to let go so that the other may live.


Rather than letting go, there is an overwhelming amount of blaming that deflected. When our words and actions are at a hi level of disrespect. This will continue until one of the parties walks away, or help is sought out to save the relationship. Many times when it has reached this point disillusion is best due to the emotional and physical aspects in relationship. (in my none medical or doctor thoughts)

The above four parts of disrespect, Cited: “Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People.” pg 144. Copy Right 2008. Hachette Book Group Inc. New York NY.

It is time to aspire for truth, that it may inspire justice.

Truth, because of our lack of respect that is growing beyond numbers in the past few years. When blaming everyone and everything for the world in which we live, it is fact; quite the contrary, life is a result of our personal actions. It is in fact case in point that our dilemma and struggles where created by our choice of respect or disrespect. Allow me to explain.

When an event in our life happens, we generate thought about the event. Leading to us generating an emotion and a thought again. We may generate an action, whether the action is positive or negative is up to us. We can choose to feel sorry for yourselves leaving our lives to remain in its currant state. OR we can begin to take actions that will bring about change in our lives. The choice to remain emotional or become active is up to each of us.

As man thinks in his heart, so he is.

Proverbs. 23:7

Choice is yours: RESPECT and make a positive atmosphere for the world in which we live. Or the latter. When we blame others it is a form of DISRESPECT that often takes over our lives.

Remember: It is our duty to seek out the truth of any area, results may bring justice to the truth. Seek the truth in your life that justice may ring in your actions. Respect if no one else, yourself that you may free yourself of discord.

Fact: Disrespect only leads to deep pain and suffering. Self-care is self-love. How can we respect others when we do not even respect ourselves.

  • Respect starts with you. Respect is taught in the home. Practicing respect is an important part of growth.

Return for part two, equality is respect.

Aspire for the truth that you may inspire justice.


Signification in Setting Goals, Expression of Success

Author: js Posted: May 2021

Definition of Signification.

Verb. The importance of regularly conveying your intent.


Goals are set to change what currently is. Goals can be set for employment, education, hobbies, relationships and the duration can vary also. How each person achieves their goals varies in us all.

Key terms when managing goals

  • Consistency, work on them daily
  • Pursuit, an ongoing process
  • Review, each day and amend when needed
  • Obstacles, they will come do not let yourself quit
  • Clarity, your time frame
  • Accountable, sometimes we need a friend to help
  • Encouragement, write yourself notes and place them through out your belongings to be found later. (this is a great help for myself)
  • Never Give Up!

Three R’s to help you Succeed

Review. We may not like football but one thing it has taught us is the importance of a haft time. Reevaluate the game plan you have for your goals. Changing the the play may lead to greater progress. Not all goals are the same and what works for one may not work for another. Therefore; if it is not getting the results you want, change it up. These are your goals, learn and change as you go.

Remain realistic. Stretching for the stars can be a goal but sometimes landing on the moon first can lead to better results. Knowing the level of each goal whether they be short or long term is another key to your success.

Relax and stay positive. You can do what you set out to accomplish.

Consistently doing any action well bring about results. It is up to you whether they are positive or negative.


Short-Term Goal is anything less than a 12 month period. It can be as short as your daily list of to do.

Mid-Term Goals is the 3-5 years. They can be goals that lead up to the long term. Don’t leave mid-term out. Remember the moon before the stars.

Long-Term Goals is something that takes time and planning, 5 years and greater.


Achieve Defined. Verb. Successfully bring about or reach an objective, level, or skill. Through Courage

Google Dictionary

It is time for our haft time report!

Dig a little deeper.

Words from the word meaning defined: idea, hope, a mood, a mind set, serve as, a sign.

Words from the word signification defined: regularly, expressed information, to carry, to make form.


Be Honest. When you created your list of goals did you give them meaning; just an idea or a mood. Or are your goals significant to you; regularly worked on? Did you write your goals down or are they a list still in your mind? (If you did not write them down, please write them down after you are done reading) Sitting in place a system to allow accountability. Work on them daily to insure that your goals do not remain a list in your mind or a list created. Action is needed to bring goals into fruition.

I challenge you to take a look at your goals and chose if you are going to have meaning or significance.

“Realization; the choice of action is yours. The future is yours. Find your truth, so that you are able to justify your life to yourself. How the world sees you is not important! Your goals are yours and if no one knows them no one will know if you failed. However; if you do fail please do not stop trying. You are amazing and you deserve success in all areas of your life. Let justice and peace ring out in your life.”

I encourage you, because I believe every human is worthy of success. js

Justice is a behavior or treatment of respect, fairness and genuine peace with and within people.

aspire for truth to inspire justice

Above all else when you reach your goals celebrate your success, and tell the world. Come back and share with justice in the ink or go to my Facebook page, Justice in the Lines. “I care! I want you to succeed in all matters you find important.” js Remember this, and read the next line out load… I can complete my goals! I am worthy of success! Why not me? Why not now? Yes I can, I can achieve my desires!

My Husband Matters

April 24, 2021 Author: js

I will not let my husband become a number, because his life is more than a black life. He is more than anything you want to label him.

He is a Husband.

He is a father.

He is a son.

He is brother.

He is a uncle.

He is a nephew.

He is a chef.

He is an artist.

He is a friend.

He is a helper in the community.

He is a peace keeper.

He is spiritual.

He is a lover.

He is a human.

If we don’t stand up for our men today, then we are just as wrong.

My Husband’s Life Matters

Because he matters to me

No Justice No Peace, Know Justice to Know Peace

April 24, 2021 Author: js

Reality until we know justice within ourselves well we be able to demonstrate peace. “Any 2 year child can throw a fit, but putting anger and aggression towards a goal is how you obtain perfection, and you better come with perfection when you put on that uniform.” Coach, Remember the Titans Movie 2000

“the key problem Herman Boone had to overcome on his newly formed team was isolation. the players of one race isolated themselves from the players of the other, anytime a player becomes isolated, it is a problem for the whole team.”

John C. Maxwell, “Qualities of a Team Player” copyright 2002

The Titans was not just a movie nor are they just a football team. They where a map on how to bridge the gap between two neighborhoods.


In Order to Understand Them Know Their

  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Family
  • Hobbies
  • Like to Eat
  • Where are they from
  • Where do they work
  • Where did they go to school
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Art
  • Theater
  • God, Faith, Church

Spend time with them, so you can know them; know them by asking questions. And until you know everyone, “Life well be hell with 3 a days”. When is the last time you got to know someone that was not the same as you? Our comfort zone is mint to be stepped out of. If we do not step out we do not grow. The pain is called Growing Pains, knowledge is pain. Become great or stay small minded it is up to you. (This is for all races)

Music brought the Titans together as a team, it broke the ice so to speak. The rest is an underlining respect for what each member of the team had to offer. By giving the team a chance they were able to see each others talents and build plays that would label them champions for generations.

Who will you give a chance today?

Today is a day that is going in the direction of positive change.

Breaking News: Derek Chauvin is guilty on all three counts!

one out of four convicted

#saytheirname #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatters #justiceintheink #takeaknee

Forecasting Knowledge, Expression of Success

April 23, 2021 Author: js

Knowledge Defined: Noun.

Facts, information and skills acquired by a person through experience or education. The state of being is awareness. facts trough reasoning. something that is learned and kept in mind. first seen in the 14th century

Knowledge is power; the more you obtain, least you be mislead.

“Forecasting is a prediction through the use of historical data.” Webster. Forecasting is not only used by Meteorologist but by businesses and us in our personal lives. By doing research and collecting data we are allowing knowledge to better our quality in product and customer community relations.

Knowledge carves the path giving access others may be denied.

Knowledge is doing the important steps of continual learning. When you stop learning that is you stunt yourself of success. js  

Ways of collecting information

  • KPI, Key Performance Indicator
  • Market Research
  • Surveys
  • The News
  • Budget Reports
  • Networking, with others who know how
  • Learning from your own past

Levels of Knowledge

  • Level 1-10. 1 being the least and 10 being the greatest.
  • POOR
  • FAIR
  • GOOD

What is your level of knowledge at your employment? If you were to gain more knowledge would you be eligible for a promotion or a raise.

What is your level of knowledge in your personal relationships? If you took the time to better know them would your daily outcome differ?

What is your level of knowledge in understanding nonverbal communication? If your knowledge of body language was deeper would you be a better communicator?

What is your level of knowledge in understanding yourself and your goals? If you had the knowledge to obtain your goals would you aspire to them? At what level of knowledge do want to be?

Call To Action: Make a list of Goals. What is needed to acquire these goals? Who much money is needed to obtain them? Who much time is realistic?

Justice through Contentment, Expression’s of Success

April 13, 2021 Author: js

Contentment is as a tree purifying the carbon dioxide to make oxygen; it is taking life’s worry and returning life with happiness and satisfaction.

Definition of Contentment:
1.)To be in a state of being; happiness and satisfaction. To be fulfilled. Also an emotional state of being that seems as though you are mentally,body and mind at complete ease with the current situation, accepted of what is
2.) Contentment: The act of having no desire for material things in an abundance, You are satisfied and happy with the present life you are leading. Knowledge that joy does not come from material things 

“Contentment received early in life allows greater wealth to be obtained.”

Author: Unknown

“Whatever we are waiting for, -peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of justice with contentment. It will come to us But only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart .

Sarah Ban Breathnach

Would you rather, take all or receive little

Would you rather watch tv, dreading your job or read a book. “The 2020 Workplace” improving your knowledge

Would you rather share a car with your husband or read a book .”Leaders don’t have to be Managers” learning to lead where you are

Contentment can not be defined as being wrong nor right. It is a personal state of being happy and satisfied; therefore, defined differently by each of us. The act of being content in one area and not the other; is a balance we find throughout our lives. Example, you may be content with your home, but in your career is a daily struggle. Education is a key for growth and positive attributes, to help us improve and inherit our life’s purpose. Seasons of Life inevitably will come, how we react to them is our truth. js


are the POWER that makes this world tic to a beat . Let us all hear your beat. js

Danger: Lack of Contentment Ahead, Destruction

  • lack of all self worth
  • no pride within your work
  • greed
  • vindictive mind set
  • feelings of worthlessness
  • refusing education of any means, within higher standing
  • depression/ asleep mind and body

Would you rather, have a life of depression full of sorrow or would you rather be living a life created by you obtaining your own goals?

  • gratification
  • humility
  • discipline (found in many areas)
  • no long worried or comparing yourself
  • helping others, paying it forward
  • flexible
  • cheerful

“Restore Contentment, adjust, adapt and keep going staying the course”

Mike Tucker, “Restoring your Marriage contentment”. All Post, Happy Marriage, 2012

work cited: 1. Success One Day at a Time 2. Qualities of a Team Player John C. Maxwell 3. Am I making myself clear, Terry Felber

Justice through Defeat, Expression of Success

April 2021, Author: js

Defeat can not be the only action we see from 2020

we must Rise again!

Definition of Defeat:

Verb, To win a victory over, through battles or contest, to be overcome with a frustrated since of being

The rate of suicide since 2020 has been on the rise. As well as murders that await to be investigated, leading to unsolved crimes. Some how we have even put domestic violence arrest to a stall; due to holding cells on 24 hour lock down rotations. With out the justice system open to do their job what will remain of our towns? Is faith going to be enough to save this world. Walking through 2020; the reality of a town among the towns.

Was death defeated this Easter Sunday, as some say. Or is life on earth defeated by death as the mass grave sites seek to build to an all time high?

Can death be justified? Here are some of the basic key points seen by others on the affects of death. Christian believe in heaven and hell. Hindu believe one does not prolonging or even invite death among them. Buddhism believe in reincarnation. Agnostic see biological proof. Comment below. What do you believe will happen to life after the passing of life on earth?

 Defeat, the sorrow of 2020. May this life begin again or shall death be its final chapter? Where will 2021 lead us, will we follow? Turn our hearts in fear; pain greater than we can bare?
Life, Life can be born after deatLife

life given to the remaining is justice within the dead

A man, a father, a son, a grandpa, a friend found in his home, by friends at sunrise.

The call was made February 22, He was pronounced dead on arrival…no they pronounced his murder. He was now a cold case. He is now a cold box with a cold labeled on a cold shelf. Anger has flared into a dragon’s raged. Another death, a life to soon, a life that has not been even seen nor heard.

Who is death that it would even long to claim a victory. A victory in death is nothing but a distasteful disaster?


Justified ink stained hands, seek the truth of 2020

One murder remains unsolved, but the lose of human lives still rise as drugs and suicide take hold of those who remain. Our streets remain held captive. I am not okay with our children killing our children. Prayers highly spoken for it is time for children to obtain the right knowledge. As leaders of our home and circles we must win. We are in a battle against time and outside influence.

Is this life not enough that a sickness sweeping the world is killing us in numbers unseen. But we allow others to hold our life for ransom as we seek solitude in man made forms of pleasure.

We must not be defeated in our homes. We can defeat drugs, murders, suicides, domestic violence, sexual misfortunes, therefore we must win. In aspirations of truth we can inspire justice. Fight for truth and justice today that our children may be leaders in the coming of age. Strong and willing to lead, rising above defeat in all matters of life.

Justice is a success. Advancing beyond death can be our success.

“I am starting with the man in the mirror, I am asking him to change his ways, and no message could of been any clearer, if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make that change.”

Michael jackson 1988

four points of action

  1. Learn while allowing trust to be made through shared knowledge
  2. Life happens, how we respond is what changes the future.
  3. Find the justice inside your self to be at peace.
  4. Live that you may defeat death by living with calling/purpose

“More Doers and fewer talkers. More to inspire others and fewer to through the cold water. More to light a candle than the fewer to curse the darkness.”

Author Unknown: Success one day at a Time. John C. MaxWell. Thomas Nelson Publisher:2000. Page 22

Justice to be Praised; Expression’s of Success

April 2, 2021 Author: js

I need you, My husband in order to be a successful wife, friend and member of society.

I need you, when is the last time you said it?

Tell someone to day!

I asked my friends to share their songs of justice and praise

Here are their response.

Jb wrote: ” For the Lord loves justice, and he will never abandon the godly.” Psalms 37:28

“I have told all your people about your justice I have not been afraid to speak out as you, O Lord, well know.” Psalm 40:9

Today my friends win, and I’ll share their justice, celebrating their lives as follows

  • Graduating Her group
  • Celebrating a birthday
  • Had a successful business day
  • Refrained from putting in two weeks
  • Filled out important paper work that was being put off
  • Packed my lunch so I would save money and calories
  • Took a drive through the country


is this choice justified or am i justifying my choice to meet my needs?
You have the right to choose everyday. When we take the time to reflect our actions. It then allows us the opportunity to see the consequences. Is this choice justified or am I am justifying it to meet my needs. When we make actions to meet our needs, more than likely it will bring harm to someone and/or ourselves. Songs of peace and joy allows others to be inspired by your song. Create beauty among yourself and others.  

Pick 1 or Pick Them All

  • Smile
  • Be kind
  • Stay humble
  • Show gratitude
  • Give a gift of any measure
  • Paint the world some how
  • Share a meal
  • Say a kind word to a stranger
  • Smile
  • Walk proud
  • Remember where we came from and be thankful we’re not there today
  • Tell the higher power thank you for waking us up
  • Enjoy your life, for all did not make it through the day
  • Smile
  • Celebrate your life

” there is no I in team. I hear that a lot in business. The business is built on the success of each individual contributing to the whole. Each person success is dependent on the success of those who achieve the most. And they often gain the least as well. As for those who gained “”I need you”” is often never said in this process.” “I need you can be the most powerful motivating phrase, we all need to know we are needed”.

Rich deVos Ten powerful phrase for positive people. Page 103 copy right: 2008


“I need you in order to be successful in my life”

How to Confidently Start Your Day, Everyday

March 30, 2021 Author, js

Regardless of how you feel inside, always try to look as a winner. “*

Arthur Ashe
  1. Wear black with one pop of solid color
  2. Your shoes should be polished and well kept, Shoes speak in a high tone
  3. Accessories, in the way of jewelry less is always more
  4. Wear clothing that complement your natural neck line
  5. A leather day tote bag is great for anyone, paired with a rocketbook memo
  6. Maintain clean and manicured nails
  7. Personal Hygiene, shower to disinfect and ensure deodorization
  8. Brush brush brush your teeth
  9. Your smile speaks confidence, when words are not an option
  10. Confidence, practice if needs be
  11. Even in 2021, still offer to shake hands

Become 100% you

100% of the time

Yes you Can!

Being the Best You 100%

  • 25% of appearance, including body *language (smile and poise)
  • 25% of content, our speech level and articulation pattern
  • 25% of self engagement (introvert/extrovert)*
  • 25% of self care, your aura/vibe
When you walk away today remember to stop and say, High five is the only way, I will check my five senses before I take the day up and away. Touch! Do I have my bag and keys, lunch box, where are the kids, O! Yes I have everything. Sight! O my what a fright I almost left with jelly everywhere. Taste! Did I brush my teeth? I know I did because I taste the fresh pick minty spring. Smell! Smell my armpits and my clothes go see mom she always knows. Hear! Look in the mirror and hear me say, " I love myself and yes I can, I can did this, this I know, when I try my very best I will succeed cuz mom said so and she knows best. Now out the door we go today. Having fun and spreading cheer for everyone to hear. 
   By: js, justice in the ink. 
  • Work Sited: Am I making myself clear? Terry Felber. Nashville Tenn. Thomas Nelson INC. 2002


March 4, 2021

I am js, Aspiring for truth that I may inspire justice within myself and others.

I am new, if you read blogs you know this, if you create web sites you know this. Now that we have got that out of the way. I am js. I am a life style writer. I write because it frees my soul. I write on areas of life that seem to be seen to be as they may, in part can lead to resentments. I have found ways to see the justice within the lines and want you to find them too. Writing has helped me heal. It is my desire to give you what I have learned. It is my Hope you subscribe as I start my journey. FYI I am not the best speller, I have used (in.vent.of) spelling my whole life, however I do try, so if by chance I miss one. I will say sorry now however I am not one to say sorry for my words. Fully admit my weakness.

Goal: help you be the best you can be. To find justice in the pain, to hear the words of my writings that they….be whatever

Mission: I aspire for the truth that I can inspire justice.

Target: Subscribers, you are worth it, and deserve to find justice!