• Holiday fun with the family
    Enjoy old games with a new twist EXPRESSIONS OF SUCCESS, Author.js. Game day for 2021 holidays No need to toss out the old games you left behind at your parents house. Dust off the old “Connect Four” or buy and a new one. Today is the day the adults get to play an old game…
  • Problem Solving for the internal & external trials of the day.
    Laughter is a great non toxic way to change your mood and your day.
  • DIY Superhero Accessory Kit.
    Knowledge is an like a superhero’s sidekick, without it no story would be complete.
  • Why the company name tags? The truth of how we see our own identity
    EXPRESSIONS OF SUCCESS, October 2021.js. Justice Stained In Ink. How you act without the name tag makes you a leader, how you act with it makes you: The Boss or A b.o.s. J. russel Being a leader within any setting is going to have their own set of hard days, wearing a name tag allows…

you are one of a kind, Bee Kind in return

REspect. Equality. love.

Hi, I’m js. I work for a coworking location that is also home to some the best wedding ceremonies. I write about success to enable others the knowledge and I hope the courage to express success. 2020 should me that money alone is not the only form measure. Life is a Success, how will you celebrate it?

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